Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Term 4 goals

Term 4 Goals

Welcome back to Term 4!

We have been talking about what we want to achieve by the end of the term. We only have 9 weeks to meet our goals so they have to be SMART!

Here are the goals we have made...

"I want to go up to level ten and I want to get better at Maths and handwriting and I want to get brainy." Faimatua

"I want to count to 300. I want to make cupcakes. I want to get my reading up to level 18." 

"I want to move up to level 17 so I can be brainy and smart. I want to be impeccable and successful." Lawrence

"I want to get better at drawing a lion with the jovis. I want to get to level 12 in reading." 

"I want to get better in reading and get to level 14." Kara

"I want to learn how to count to 100 so I can go on the wall with my picture." 

"I want to count to 100. I want to learn all my yellow words." 

"My goal is to get to level 9 in reading."

I want to get better at reading. I want to get to level 7."

"I want to get to level 9 to get better at reading." Victoria

"I want to move up to level 8 in my reading."

"I want to get to level 12 for my reading and I want to  come to school every day."

"I want to get to the next level in reading. That's level 10."

"I want to get up to level 15 and I want to make strawberry cakes." 

"I am going to get better at writing. I will leave finger spaces."

"I want to count up to 100. I will try hard."

"I am going to get to level 4 in my reading."

"I am going to learn my red words so I can have a party."

Good luck 'Soaring to Success' Eager Elephants, I look forward to helping you reach your goals! 

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