Friday, 23 August 2013


Our lovely 'Supporters Of Rowandale' have helped us raise lots of money!
We have used this to buy new resources for the classrooms.
Today we had an amazing time playing with our new pirate ship!
Look at the Eager Elephants creating and innovating! :) 

Balloon and Bubbles - Discovery Time with the Outrageous Orangutans!

We have Discovery Time every Friday. 
It is always lots of fun! 
This week we spent Discovery Time with Miss Robertson and the Outrageous Orangutans.
We used lots of HOM's - Working Together, New Ideas, Persistence, Listening, and Finding Humour!

 'I put rice in mine!'

 5 senses

 Working Together
 Finding Humour - Juggling!

Look at our garden!

Yesterday we went to check on the garden. A few months ago we planted lots of seedlings.
Look how they have grown!
We wrote down what we could see and then we went back to class to write about it! 

 'I planted this one!'

 Wow! Look at the broccoli!

We love looking after our garden, and growing food for
 Sam and Sparkle! :)